[linux-dvb] dvb devices not created, and wrong module loaded?

Johannes Stezenbach js at linuxtv.org
Sun Jul 10 15:09:48 CEST 2005

m.evans at reading.ac.uk wrote:
> Have pretty much got my new gentoo box up and running, however, am having 
> trouble with the dvb.
> using kernel 2.6.11 from recent gentoo sources (on amd64), and using udev
> Firstly, the device nodes were not being created, (first noticed by fact that 
> kaffeine did not bring up the dvb tab). there is no /dev/dvb/
> have checked google, and found reference to udev rules and a dvb.sh script. 
> These rules, and the script are both already in place.
> checked that modules were being loaded, and got
> Module Size Used by
> fglrx 262144 7
> budget 8896 0

Maybe you need to load budget-av or budget-ci?

If this doesn't work, what are the PCI ids reported by "lspci -vn"
for your card?


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