[linux-dvb] Cinergy T2

Sascha Braun contact.saschabraun at web.de
Tue Jun 7 13:05:22 CEST 2005

Hi Dudes,

i have just found out, that i allready have a kernel module loaded which
is called cinergyT2 and with help of the MAKEDEV-DVB.sh i created the
links to the devices in /dev.

As I tried to use tvtime for watching tv, which is not working because
there was not found a device like /dev/video0, i created a symlink
between /dev/dvb/dvr0. And tried all the other Links too.

To I deleted /dev/video0 a couple of times and retried.

With no effect.

What would be the best way to manage that?

Another thing is, that the tv watching under windows is not really
showing a fluent image. The sound always stops playing and the pictures
arent shown well. I just became thinking about to bringt the cinergy USB
device back because its no fun to watch tv with it.

I have an ASUS M6800N whith 1,6 Pentium M CPU, so I think it should be
fast enough?

Is the device really fast enough to watch tv with it?

Wish you the best regards.

Have a nice time :))


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