[linux-dvb] Lost lock problems over extended periods of time

Manu Abraham manu at kromtek.com
Tue Jun 7 21:29:59 CEST 2005

Andrew de Quincey wrote:
> On Tuesday 07 June 2005 18:24, Manu Abraham wrote:
>>Andrew de Quincey wrote:
>>>On Tuesday 07 June 2005 17:32, Andrew de Quincey wrote:
>>>>>>>The periods used to vary, don't know what exactly caused them to vary
>>>>>>>either. The variations used to happen something like what you said 10
>>>>>>>~ 12 hours or sometime it was 48 hours. But 72 hours seemed the
>>>>>>>maximum that it would go many times.
>>>>>>Interesting - thats exactly it.. so its across completely different
>>>>>>card architectures!? (I assume you're still talking about the twinhan
>>>>>>cards here)
>>>>>Exactly.. I am talking about different firmware based ones too FTA and
>>>>>CI based.. different generations too.. Regarding that issue i' am almost
>>>>>tied up in knots... :-(
>>>>>I had a revision AV7110 1.3 card, which was blown when i received itself
>>>>>from Galaxis as a sample given to one of our guys. Even an lspci did not
>>>>>show anything at all, on some motherboards inserting the card into the
>>>>>PCI slot itself would result in a hung BIOS. After that i decided that,
>>>>>i would never again go with one of those FF cards. (eventhough they are
>>>>>the same TT-PCI cards remarketed)
>>>>>That was the time i first started up with DVB, and in this region could
>>>>>not see any other hardware other than Twinhan and got my first card as
>>>>>well as suggested for many others as well as my company too. But the
>>>>>biggest problem their was drivers, whether be it Windows or Linux. well
>>>>>you know the rest..
>>>>OK, my hack doesn't help. I used the following patch in dvb_frontend.c:
>>>>Index: dvb_frontend.c
>>>>retrieving revision 1.96
>>>>diff -a -u -r1.96 dvb_frontend.c
>>>>--- dvb_frontend.c      17 Nov 2004 14:30:33 -0000      1.96
>>>>+++ dvb_frontend.c      7 Jun 2005 16:29:35 -0000
>>>>@@ -507,9 +507,10 @@
>>>>                       else {
>>>>                               /* if we _WERE_ tuned, but now don't have
>>>>a lock,
>>>>                                * need to zigzag */
>>>>-                               fe->state = FESTATE_ZIGZAG_FAST;
>>>>-                               fe->started_auto_step = fe->auto_step;
>>>>-                               check_wrapped = 0;
>>>>+                               fe->state = FESTATE_RETUNE;
>>>>+                               dvb_frontend_init (fe);
>>>>+                               printk("DVB: LOST LOCK - attempting
>>>>+                          continue;
>>>>                       }
>>>>               }
>>>>But, it just sits there printing "DVB LOST LOCK". Of course when I retune
>>>>it works perfectly! This time, it only took about 30 mins to lose the
>>>>lock though.
>>>Just a thought - could it be the DiSEQC? I'm just using simple
>>>tone/voltage control myself. Do all these cards use the same LNB chip on
>>>them? The DVB-S stv0299 ones I have here all seem to use an LNBP16A chip.
>>Twinhan has a STV0299 based tuner on quite a few of the cards.. but no
>>I don't think it is the DiSEqC, since the DiSEqC never worked properly
>>on the Twinhan until recently.. But when it started working some other
>>problems also came up..
>>What i was wondering (a wild thought) was that, is something disturbing
>>the frontend settings once it is set up ? That was the only way that a
>>lock could be lost on the Twinhan cards, since i cannot logically think
>>of any other reason that's what written to a register is lost. But
>>that's too wild a thought.
> That is sort of what I was thinking in desperation and my first hack :) The 
> only thing it didn't do is set the tone/voltage settings again - which may 
> explain why the first hack didn't retune - thats what I'm trying now - a 
> combination of set tone/voltage plus reset & FE settings.

But i was thinking whether we would treating the symptom in that case ..
I was wondering why the lock goes off at all in the first case ..

>>Dominique had a similar problem, but that was triggered off at a certain
>>period of time nearing midnight on TPS, but could be something else
>>too... Maybe he can test the same on the Twinhan DST-CI and see what's
>>the effect..
> That is very weird. The problem I have is definitely not something weird being 
> transmitted - other sites with the same channels from the same satellite 
> don't die at the same time. Most don't die at all.

These two are not related at all.. But there is one problem in which my 
wild thought also related way in some way (?) ... The MCU crashes when a 
wrong command is sent .. When this incident happened, the MCU also 
crashed.. The MCU does not crash on any bad signal is what i 
believe/understand, but i might be wrong here..

To get the card up and functioning a reload of modules was necessary. 
that's what i remember..

> Unless of course it is some inteference at the sites with the problem, but I 
> think that is unlikely really.

That's what i too thought.. Then i thought about some IRQ problems, 
which turned out to be negative too ..


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