[linux-dvb] sound stutters when playing radio recordings

Wolfgang Rohdewald wolfgang at rohdewald.de
Sat Jun 11 20:35:33 CEST 2005

playing recordings from radio stations still has breaks whenever such a timeout happens:

(this debug output appears after having applied some fixes which propagate errors back
to the caller, and I fixed the debug output for the ret value. I also patched StopHWFilter
such that it does not try to stop a filter handle 0xffff)

Jun 11 17:21:42 mm kernel: av7110_fw_request: timeout waiting for COMMAND to complete
Jun 11 17:21:42 mm kernel: dvb-ttpci: StartHWFilter error  buf 0b07 0010 00c8 b96a  ret -110  handle de9f
Jun 11 17:21:42 mm vdr[16473]: ERROR: can't set filter (pid=200, tid=02, mask=FF): Connection timed out

Often it stops for a moment without such a message, I suppose because fw_request still returns just
in time. 

During those stops the keyboard is dead.

After the stop replay is faster for a moment. This is not really wanted for pure audio
I think?

This seems to happen with all radio stations, I just recorded Swisspop which has no AC3.

Any ideas about how I could debug this further? Should I try what happens if I remove
my 2nd DVB card (budget)?

BTW StartHWFilter also returned with -ERESTARTSYS once.


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