[linux-dvb] networked digital tuner project

Brian Kuschak bkuschak at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 11 22:27:39 CEST 2005

Hi Denys,

> There is not too much ways, IMHO, but easiest will
> be just
> RF block + bt878-like chip + ARM cpu + Network
> chip(LAN91C111?)
> Issue is, maybe if you want to save bandwidth, and
> use less powerful CPU,
> good to use FlexCop, which have embedded PID
> filtering.

What about something even simpler:  an integrated
tuner/demod (Alps BSBE for DVB or Alps TDHU for
QAM/VSB) which both output byte-parallel MPEG-TS, an
FPGA which implements a FIFO, pid filter, and directly
drives a 100mbps ethernet PHY.  This leads to a low
part count, low cost and size. 

The rest of the work can be done by the clients
receiving the stream. 


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