[linux-dvb] Johannes' idea of simple zap (szap)

Johannes Stezenbach js at linuxtv.org
Sun Jun 12 19:40:52 CEST 2005

Patrick Boettcher wrote:
> Some time ago Johannes told me about the initial idea behind szap: 
> actually it was not meant to be dvb-s-only zapping but simple-zapping. 
> dvbscan, for example, handles dvb-t/c/s and atsc tuning files, szap 
> originally should have been extended to zap all other digital TV sources 
> as well.
> The szap prototype for the linux-dvb V4 API is implemented like this, too.

V4 szap was forked off a pretty old szap version. When I needed
DVB-T support for testing I thought is would be easier to
add it to szap than to port tzap.

> I'm now wondering if it worth the effort to port back the v4-szap or to 
> put all the existing code of [tcsa]zap together again?

Forget backporting, IMHO it's easier to combine the other ?zap.
The difficulty will be the inconsistencies in cmdline
option usage between them. Maybe you should leave them
alone and create a new dvbzap (or wahtever name you like).
There might also be some scripts which rely on the current
?zap behaviour.

> For example the pmt-output-switch (discussed in '[linux-dvb] 
> szap-pmt.diff') would now need to be adapted to the other zap-programs for 
> the sake of completeness.
> Would this be a complete waste of time? ;)

Not at all ;-)
BTW, Manu's ca_zap could use the PMT stuff as well...


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