[linux-dvb] Johannes' idea of simple zap (szap)

Manu Abraham manu at kromtek.com
Sun Jun 12 19:53:37 CEST 2005

Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
> Patrick Boettcher wrote:
>>Some time ago Johannes told me about the initial idea behind szap: 
>>actually it was not meant to be dvb-s-only zapping but simple-zapping. 
>>dvbscan, for example, handles dvb-t/c/s and atsc tuning files, szap 
>>originally should have been extended to zap all other digital TV sources 
>>as well.
>>The szap prototype for the linux-dvb V4 API is implemented like this, too.
> V4 szap was forked off a pretty old szap version. When I needed
> DVB-T support for testing I thought is would be easier to
> add it to szap than to port tzap.
>>I'm now wondering if it worth the effort to port back the v4-szap or to 
>>put all the existing code of [tcsa]zap together again?
> Forget backporting, IMHO it's easier to combine the other ?zap.
> The difficulty will be the inconsistencies in cmdline
> option usage between them. Maybe you should leave them
> alone and create a new dvbzap (or wahtever name you like).
> There might also be some scripts which rely on the current
> ?zap behaviour.
>>For example the pmt-output-switch (discussed in '[linux-dvb] 
>>szap-pmt.diff') would now need to be adapted to the other zap-programs for 
>>the sake of completeness.
>>Would this be a complete waste of time? ;)
> Not at all ;-)
> BTW, Manu's ca_zap could use the PMT stuff as well...

Yep, if somebody is having a patch to extract service_id from dvbscan to 
channels.conf, i will drop my patch to scan, which adds service_id just 
after audio_pid. A few people have tested it out too without hitches..

In fact i worked upon to have zapping inside ca_zap itself such that one 
needs not do a scan --> szap --> ca_zap, but just a scan --> ca_zap 
would be sufficient. But just to remove the bugs and other issues i have 
  that part temporarily removed, but can have that part also into it ..

BTW, just to avoid duplication, i have been factorizing code, such that 
at the moment i have a small library in which there is a small set of 
routines that parses channels.conf for DVB-S/C/T..

Another part that i factored out was the filter setup..

I thought i would finish those and send it, but the recent posts 
regarding the driver led me to have a look at the driver again.. ( I 
have some patches ready for people to start testing it out. I will post 
it a while later in the night)..


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