[linux-dvb] [PATCH] Some fixes (?) for Twinhan DVB-S, C and T cards

Manu Abraham manu at kromtek.com
Sun Jun 12 20:54:32 CEST 2005


Attached are some patches that attempts at fixing some broken/wrong code
in the dst driver.

* 01-fix-inversion-support

This patch is meant only for the 2001-03A DVB-S card, as that is the
only DVB-S card that has inversion support as far as my knowledge goes.

* 02-fix-frequency

For DVB-S based cards the frequency that was written to the tuner was
wrong (?) The MSB 1 bit was stripped away, which was not right. As well
as freq > 1531 need not be set on any other card other than the 2001-03A

* 03-fix-bandwidth

For DVB-T cards having CI, the bandwidth word was not set up correctly.

* 04-modulation-support

For DVB-C cards, Modulation was not setup itself. This patch sets it up.

There are other bugs too which i am working upon, but to make the
process a bit smooth, posting the patches straightaway, to make sure
that the other parts do not break..

I have not committed these patches to the CVS tree as they need some

Please do test these patches.., and people having complaints please do
report it rather than remaining silent .. PLEASE ..

The patches were generated against the latest CVS head ..

One thing that i forgot to say, the patches need to be applied in the 
incremental order itself to the bt8xx directory.


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