[linux-dvb] My Twinhan DVB-T CI won't tune

Einar Bjarni Halldórsson einarha at hi.is
Mon Jun 13 03:42:43 CEST 2005

> Einar Bjarni Halldórsson wrote:
>>>>>Einar Bjarni Halldórsson wrote:
>>>>>>I finally got my hands on a DVB card, and have started what is
>>>>>> becoming
>>>>>>a very interesting proccess of getting it to work. Had to jump
>>>>>> through
>>>>>>couple of hoops to get the dst module to recognize it as a DVB-T and
>>>>>>a DVB-S (the default KnoppMyth R5A16 install wouldn't budge on this
>>>>>>issue). Since then I've tried kernels 2.6.10 , and
>>>>>> 2.6.12-rc5
>>>>>>with the CVS version of dvb-kernel, but with similar results. The
>>>>>> card
>>>>>>get's recognized as a DVB-T and the CI module is recognized, but when
>>>>>> I
>>>>>>try to get dvbscan to do it's thing, I get "tuning failed" and a
>>>>>> bunch
>>>>>>of error messages in dmesg.
>>>>>>I've seen people have similar problems in the mailing list archives,
>>>>>>I was wondering if there is any progress in finding a solution.
>>>>>Which card model do you have ?
>>>>I have a TwinhanDTV Ter-CI
>>>You have the Manufacturer and the Card type, but no Card model..
>>>The card model starts with VP-XXXXXX
>> The card is a VP-3040
> The VP-3040 is a bit different kind of card, as per my knowledge it has
> a detachable add-on CA board, and can have TS188 as well as TS204 too.

It has a separate add-on CA board that uses it's own PCI slot and is
connected to the DVB card via flat cable.

> I need to add some more code to correctly identify this board..
> Temporarily you can try force it to use TS188 (DST_TYPE_HAS_NEWTUNE) or
> TS204 (without the NEWTUNE option) and see how it goes..

How can I do that? It seems the dst_type_flags parameter has been removed
from the dst module. If you mean I should hard-code it into the source,
then I'm going to need some info on where it's set.

> Possibility is that probably the Tuner type will be the other case what
> is exactly for you at the momemt and hence communication errors..
> Let me know how this goes .. You will need some more patches, i will
> post it a while later in the night .. In the meantime you can check out
> which tuner type works appropriate for you .. (You should not see any
> i2c communication errors, except in the case of a very weak signal, if
> you gone through the right steps)

I will test anything you throw at me, and let you know how it goes. I
stuck the card into a Windows machine to make sure all external factors
were in order, and I got a clear picture there. Now I'm eager to get
things going in Linux.

> Manu

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