[linux-dvb] networked digital tuner project

Thomas Sailer sailer at sailer.dynip.lugs.ch
Mon Jun 13 09:34:05 CEST 2005

The third possibility would be to design a simple network hardware, and
implement all the access exclusion logic in a server process running on
a networked Linux box. I.e. while the hardware directly broadcasts the
video streams, all control messages (i.e. channel requests etc.) have to
go through a single server process.

Why? Because it keeps the hardware simple, and writing and updating
software for a full PC operating system is much easier than for an
embedded CPU, and you can do more (eg. gather EPG data not just from the
transmitted data, but also from the internet, etc.) Your full proper
network receiver would IMO be 3dB more expensive for the hardware and
the software effort would also be at least 3dB more time...


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