[linux-dvb] networked digital tuner project

Manfred Petz pm at deuromedia.at
Mon Jun 13 14:05:42 CEST 2005

On Mon, 13 Jun 2005, Robert Schlabbach wrote:

| From: "Thomas Sailer" <sailer at sailer.dynip.lugs.ch>
| > On Mon, 2005-06-13 at 12:39 +0200, Robert Schlabbach wrote:
| > > If you have a networked server box, you can plug PCI tuner cards
| > > into it and forget about Brian's project entirely... ;-)
| >
| > No, not necessarily. The high bandwidth video data still doesn't
| > have to go through the server,
| If a _server_ can't handle the network traffic, then a little network
| device sure can't either... But with Gigabit Ethernet, I see no problem
| with the traffic...
| > and try fitting more than 2 tuners into a normal
| > PC, good luck with all the thermal problems.
| I have 3 tuner cards in my desktop PC with no thermal problems...

just for the record: i got multiple dell servers with up to 7 (seven)
cards in my machines (ok, the room is air conditioned). running my 
rtp/multicast streaming software, streaming up to 20 tv channels per 
server over the built-in 1000baseTX. works like a charm for months now. 
100% rock solid. 

the only problem i'm experiencing is at a different location, with a
somewhat 'strange' dvb signal and with wintv nexus cards: about every
two days, the ARM keeps crashing...


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