[linux-dvb] EuroSkyNet SkyDSL - Internet downlink via DVB data

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Sorry if this is off-topic – it is DVB related in a way:


By chance does anyone out there know anything about [trying to] using
Euroskynet’s SkyDsl (on Telecom2D) with Linux? 


They don’t release any Linux software or information themselves.


Their Windows client seems to me to be a VPN type affair – I monitored the
outgoing packets between a windows computer with SkyDsl installed and the
Internet (ISDN) with a Linux box in the middle and tcpdump.  I could see
that during the connection stage tcp the windows skyclient connected to
login.skydsl.de with tcp on remote port 8085 – logging in I suppose.  After
this all the traffic looked like UDP to io-in.skydsl.de port 8869.


Does anyone know If they are using standard technology and can it be
replicated in Linux?


I’ve been playing with LinuxTV for quite a while – it works flawlessly on my
MythTV box and I’ve found the support for different Hauppauge cards really
good – I’d love to scrap the Windows XP computer I’m dedicating as a SkyDSL
gateway (which also crashes from time to time for no reason that I can








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