[linux-dvb] trouble with fast scrolling

Wolfgang Rohdewald wolfgang at rohdewald.de
Wed Jun 15 07:28:12 CEST 2005

crossposting since I am not sure where the problem is: vdr or firmware

if I watch a channel with DD audio like ZDF (even if I only select
the normal audio channel) and then do pagewise scrolling in the
channel list (right or left arrow), vdr dies soon with

Jun 15 07:00:52 mm vdr[10220]: clearing device because of consecutive poll timeouts

if I increase the poll timeout from 100 to 1000 in cTransfer::Action(),
I instead get this:

Jun 15 07:11:33 mm vdr[18854]: buffer usage: 70% (tid=147463)
Jun 15 07:11:34 mm vdr[18854]: buffer usage: 80% (tid=147463)
Jun 15 07:11:34 mm vdr[18854]: buffer usage: 90% (tid=147463)
Jun 15 07:11:34 mm vdr[18853]: clearing transfer buffer to avoid overflows

if I watch a channel with only normal audio like RTL, all this does not
happen, and scrolling is much faster.

this is here with vdr 1.3.25, firmware 261d and 261e do the same.

I could imagine that too much OSD drawing activity does not give the Nexus 
enough time to process fat DVB streams.

Could the firmware be changed such that it gives the DVB stream processing
higher priority than OSD drawing? Or should vdr add some artificial delay


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