AW: AW: [linux-dvb] DVB0: Lock was lost, ...

Kenneth Aafløy lists at
Wed Jun 15 17:05:38 CEST 2005

onsdag 15. juni 2005, 16:51, skrev Andrew de Quincey:
> OK - maybe I need to disable that check for full featured cards - or else
> put a flag round it.... I'll sort that out later.
> Have you had the message again, or was it just a one off?
> The power supply thing is just our current best guess as to whats causing
> this problem :(

I've seen plenty of this message in my logs, but only during 
channel/transponder scans, never when watching telly.
I have not watched telly over very long periods though..

IIRC, there was some mentioning of FF cards bogusly reporting
LOCK from the previous transponder some time back on this list.

Could that trigger this message also?

350W Chaintech, Nexus-S 2.1, dual Athlon MP, three IDE


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