[linux-dvb] DVB file formats

Manu Abraham manu at kromtek.com
Thu Jun 16 15:22:06 CEST 2005

Andrew de Quincey wrote:
> On Thursday 16 June 2005 13:35, Manu Abraham wrote:
>>Andrew de Quincey wrote:
>>>On Thursday 16 June 2005 12:45, Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
>>>>On Thu, Jun 16, 2005 at 02:10:10PM +0400, Manu Abraham wrote:
>>>>>Is service_id supposed to be unique in a bouquet too ? or is it only in
>>>>>a transponder ?
>>>>ETSI TR 101 211 says (4.1.1 Network Information Table (NIT) information):
>>>>"The SI uses two labels related to the concept of a delivery system,
>>>>namely the network_id and the original_network_id.
>>>>The latter is intended to support the unique identification of a
>>>>service, contained in a TS, even if that TS has been
>>>>transferred to another delivery system than the delivery system where it
>>>>originated. A TS can be uniquely referenced
>>>>through the path original_network_id/transport_stream_id.
>>>>A service can be uniquely referenced through the path
>>>>original_network_id/transport_stream_id/service_id. The
>>>>network_id, thus, is not part of this path.
>>>>In addition each service_id shall be unique within each
>>>>original_network_id. When a service (contained inside a TS) is
>>>>transferred to another delivery system, only the network_id changes,
>>>>whereas the original_network_id remains
>>>>However, in practise you cannot rely on this.
>>>Is it worth supporting bouquets in the file formats do you think? None of
>>I think if we were to support Bouquets, the config would be become
>>larger, but we can have them cached in memory only rather than write out
>>to file .. ? What do you think ?
> Aren't bouquets roughly equivalent to preset channel groupings provided by the 
> broadcaster? Maybe it would make sense to store them in the presets file 
> format.

After Johannes/Robert suggested about the Multiplex naming convention, i 
happen to take a look at Fig:1 Page: 8 of 300 468.

Looking at that, i believe logically presets and boluquet can be 
"roughly" be considered the same except in the case that presets could 
be manually clubbed together also, rather than a provider clubbing it 

The presets could be later be used to create your own bouquet (in the 
case of IPTV servers).. Well nothing of that in immediate concern but 
just thought of keeping things open for the future..  ?


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