[linux-dvb] DVB hangs the computer when tuning to ARD

Sebastian sebastian_ml at gmx.net
Thu Jun 16 22:59:23 CEST 2005

Hi all,

my computer crashes sometimes when tuning to ARD. It seems to me that
this only happens when I change to ARD. This doesn't happen everytime,
but when it happens I get messages in my console about linked-in
modules. The picture on the TV stays black, (ARD) audio plays and keeps
playing, the box is locked up. I tried making photos from the kernel
errors, but my handy camera is just not up to the task.

I got kernel (no fancy stuff compiled in it like preemption,
4k stacks etc.), DVB CVS, a rev. 1.5 FF card, VDR 1.3.25. Also I'm using
a non-nptl glibc here.

Anyone of you guys have the same issues with ARD?


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