[linux-dvb] scan and zap ..

Holger Wächtler holger at qanu.de
Sat Jun 18 19:38:11 CEST 2005

Am 18.06.2005 um 18:11 schrieb Manu Abraham:

> Manu Abraham wrote:
>> Hi ,
>> I was looking at a concept where a driver can distinguish between  
>> a scan and a zap.. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated ..
> I will make my question a bit more specific ..
> While doing a scan, do we require to know the signal strength.. The  
> driver in question is the dst .. If we do not need to know the  
> signal strength the dst will tune a bit more faster, since instead  
> of 2 messages that are sentto the MCU/ASIC, only one need to be sent.
> Hence tuning will be faster, as i2c communication also takes a  
> while to happen, and to retrieve the signal strength on a frequency  
> that does not exist, it takes really a while to return back and can  
> be a cause for irritation ..
> So i was thinking about removing the get_signal() call itself  
> during a scan ..

at 400kHz i2c clock the time required to transmit a 2-byte-message  
should be negligible, not?


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