[linux-dvb] Margi/Billionton DVD-to-Go PC-Card Driver

Chris Warren dvb at ixalon.net
Sun Jun 19 18:23:19 CEST 2005

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> From: Marcus Metzler [mailto:mocm at mocm.de] 
> Those functions were used to transform the transport stream 
> into something resembling a program stream. If you just want 
> to use the video and audio devices and not the dvr device for 
> playback of transport streams, you don't need them. You could 
> remove all code concerning the dvr device.
> By the way, about a year ago I was contacted by Avi Cohen 
> Stuart <astuart at baan.nl> and he wanted to work on the margie 
> drivers. I gave him my latest sources and I think he got some 
> of the adaptations to newer kernels done. I haven't heard 
> from him in a while, so I don't know what became of the project.

Thanks for the info,

I've contacted Avi, but have managed to piece together the ts2pes code
removed from dvb_filter.c with sections of the code from av7110_ipack.c as
nothing in the ipack code seems to be hardware dependant.

It compiles and loads, so now just to wait for my Margi card to arrive in
the mail before I can test it...


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