[linux-dvb] Driver does not work with USB hub

Stefan Frings stefan at meinemullemaus.de
Sun Jun 19 18:51:35 CEST 2005

I'm using dibusb driver, version CVS 9.April 2005 since a while very 

I noticed a lot of system instabilities when I habe an USB (2.0) hub between 
my notebook and the VisionPlus receiver. But it works perfectly when I 
connect it directly to the computer. I tried 6 different hubs, one of them 
was very very expensive. All of them have a power supply and in all cases I 
connected only my Logitech mouse to the same hub.

Problem symptoms occur sporadically, sometimes many together, sometimes single 
symptoms and sometimes the computer runs stable for hours.

- Some buttons from the keyboard do not work
- WLAN gets a connection to the AP but cannot load any website
- mplayer cannot find audio track on DVD
- trancode cannot read the whole TOC of a DVD
- System is very slow
- dibusb driver reports timeouts on epin0
- If an USB harddisk is attached to the same hub, it looses often data but I 
did not write anything to the disk.

Are you aware of those problems? Is a better solution available than avoiding 
the use of USB hubs?

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