[linux-dvb] [eb1a:2800] V-Stream TV-PVR USB2.0

James Le Cuirot chewi at ffaura.com
Mon Jun 20 03:58:49 CEST 2005

On Sun, 19 Jun 2005 18:11:06 +0200 (CEST)
Patrick Boettcher <patrick.boettcher at desy.de> wrote:

> Hi James,
> On Sun, 19 Jun 2005, James Le Cuirot wrote:
> > Hello. I've got the V-Stream TV-PVR USB2.0 which is listed under
> > lsusb as "eb1a:2800 eMPIA Technology, Inc." but I can't get it to
> > go. I tried it with 2.6.11 and then read that the DIBUSB stuff
> > would be changing a fair bit in 2.6.12 so I've waited anxiously for
> > that to come out. Trust it to get delayed so much! But now I have
> > it and I still can't get anything from it. )-: I'm trying to use it
> > with MythTV but when I try to add a DVB card, it just says "Card #0
> > not found" or something. The module doesn't automatically load when
> > I plug the device in so I start the module manually but that
> > doesn't help. Help!
> It seems to be a misunderstanding: This box is (as far as I can see)
> not a DVB-card, but a Analog-capturing device. This has nothing to do
> with DVB.
> The device you referring to is called "V-Stream XPERT DTV - DVB-T".
> Sorry,
> Patrick.

What are you saying, that this is completely the wrong driver and
mailing list? It is indeed the "V-Stream XPERT DTV - DVB-T" but that is
clearly mentioned in the wiki as being supported - or at least the
USB1.1 version of it is, I'm not so sure about the USB2.0 version. Or
do you mean that this is the right driver and mailing list but I'm
trying to use it incorrectly in MythTV? How would I use it instead? I
haven't seen any video4linux nodes pop up in /dev.

Rather confused,

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