[linux-dvb] udev creating device nodes too slow

Prakash Punnoor prakashp at arcor.de
Tue Jun 21 09:49:37 CEST 2005

Sebastian schrieb:
> The problem is when I start VDR right after modprobing the DVB modules,
> it exits with "No devices found". I have to use
> modprobe ...
> sleep 9
> because 9 secs is the time it takes to create the DVB device nodes.

Even though it is PITA, I'd then create the devices by hand, if I insist on
using a module. (I compile it into the kernel.)

> kernel? Another solution could be removing udev and going back to devfs,
> but as devfs is obsolete I'd like to stay away from that possibility.

devfs will be gone for 2.6.13...

Prakash Punnoor
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