[linux-dvb] [ANNOUNCE] CA_ZAP

Allan Stirling Dibblahdvb0042 at pendor.org
Wed Jun 22 23:50:47 CEST 2005

Manu Abraham wrote:

> NDS works in a slot.. ? Don't know much about NDS, but maybe a few 
> months later who knows.. ? ;-)
> Ok, Dragon CAM works with Twinhan.. Hmm no problen there ..
Yes, Dragon recently released a version that, at least temporarily, does 
NDS for Italia and UK Sky.

> Since BBC 1 Yorks is unencrypted, no need to use ca_zap .. A regular 
> zap would be sufficient ..
True, but I was thinking that this would isolate the problem to just 
being the CAM interface. However, see below.

> Have you done a szap before doing a ca_zap ? At present ca_zap does 
> not tune to a frequency, just to maintain simplicity ..

Just tried this. No change. However, I'm thinking that something else is 
This should work, right (BBC 1 Yorks is unencrypted)?:

./szap  -c ./channels.conf -a 3 "BBC 1 Yorks"
10788 MHz V | signal 15616 | snr 159c | ber fffffffe | unc fffffffe | LOCK
... (left running)
dd if=/dev/dvb3.dvr0 of=~/1.mpg

It gives 0 byte files. I think I have a different problem. :(

dvbsnoop shows that it can see the PIDs OK and they are unencrypted for 
this channel.



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