[linux-dvb] Problems with ca_zap

Manu Abraham manu at kromtek.com
Sat Jun 25 00:43:39 CEST 2005

Patrick Boettcher wrote:
> Hi Manu,
> What about me? I would like to do something, too. Especially in libdvbsi.

The reason why i left libdvbsi at that point was to avoid commotion .. I 
have almost finished all the descriptors, but the interface to them 

> Which tasks are open (I know you are already ahead of that what can be 
> found in CVS)? Can you please sync it with you local source-tree?

I actually started upon working upon an EN50221 parser inside the 
driver, got nothing to do with libdvbsi at the moment..

The reason was to attaining modualrity in disassembling the EN50221 
message.. This would help other drivers too in the future..
I can see quite some hardware coming up in the same lines too, but with 
different chips..

Right now, if i start adding my changes to libdvbsi, the commotion would 
be even worser..

> As you know I already put some thoughts into that area, too, maybe I can 
> be of any help ;)? (Maybe some #define's for ease up code reading 
> (get_bits as #define)

I already told you that, if i change libdvbsi, i will have to change 
libdvben50221.. which would mean ca_zap also would be useless ..
And what about Andrew's idea of having standard CI support also... ?

Do you want me to throw away all the work that i have done ? Is that 
what you mean.. Think about those Twinhan users out there ..
And to remind, that there will be many more chips similar to Twinhan's.

If you had given a bit of importance to other people's work, would you 
have not talked about this when we started, rather than when it is all 
in the final stage ?

At least you should have talked about this while i started up working on 
this... We had quite a long discussion on this ..

Another point is the way libdvbsi and libdvben50221 is going these 2 
libraries would be ideal even for small embedded systems (that is the 
only reason why i am doing simple shifting)..
That's why me and Andrew thought that it would be better to license it 
under LGPL, such that it is useful, just not on a PC alone..

Tell me why you want to reverse a completely hand written code into a 
code-generator based parser ... ?

I am running away from code generators ..

Do you think that the approach that i have taken in libdvbsi is not 
simple enough ?

The way it is right now, the API calls just speak for themselves ..

Do you want to make something so simple and fast right now, into 
something more complicated and slow .. ?

Don't tell me that is the remnant's of day before yesterdays .. Oh, come 
on, Patrick .. Don't make this into a flame fest, will be undoing a lot 
of productive work out here .. please, i beg of you ..

Just to remind you that, libdvbsi would be a complete SI parser.. you 
can use it wherever you would like to ..

> Please tell me where I can help.

Tell me what you don't like in libdvbsi.. ?

I know that you are very eager to get your code generator in there ..
What can i say after all that happened since day before yesterday .. ?

Took my time out, Andrew's too, pulled Johannes in between.. damn .. i 
can't believe it .. Everyone's time is valuable Patrick, no one is 
simply wasting time out there for nothing ..

I don't know what to say, i am speechless .. i never knew OpenSource 
worked this way .. Hmmph..


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