[linux-dvb] Problems with ca_zap

Patrick Boettcher patrick.boettcher at desy.de
Sat Jun 25 01:38:10 CEST 2005

Hey Manu,

you got it wrong, sorry I was unclear, obviously. (Is it my English?)

I asked:

>> What about me? I would like to do something, too. Especially in libdvbsi.

and I meant it as an offer to help extending your approach, not to get my 
idea back (in fact I completely dropped it and just using it for private 
things, now).

E.g.: I assume libdvbsi will be used for scanning for channels.

As I have some spare time at the moment I just wanted to help you to not 
do all the work alone. That's why I ask additionally:

>> Which tasks are open (I know you are already ahead of that what can be 
>> found in CVS)? Can you please sync it with you local source-tree?


>> As you know I already put some thoughts into that area, too, maybe I can be 
>> of any help ;)? (Maybe some #define's for ease up code reading (get_bits as

I explicitly asked you for assigning me a task, nothing more, nothing 
less. When you would say, please wait, don't do anything because at the 
current state you cannot help in any way, I will accept, but you didn't 
say that, did you?

I know sometimes it's better to do things on one's own, but especially the 
grunt work of adding table/descriptor parser-code can be shared, or not?

E.g. ATSC tables. I have access to ATSC-signals, so I could write and test 
ATSC-parser code in your libdvbsi in your way.

I hope I described my situation now understandable for you and hope you 
get back to me with instructions.


*sigh* I just read your answer again (which is not quoted below anymore) 
and I think it was a little unfair in that context. I won't have the heart 
to contribute to your approaches in the future, because I will be afraid 
of you getting it wrong. Please take that shame off of me.

a sad Patrick.

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