[linux-dvb] Problems with ca_zap

Manu Abraham manu at kromtek.com
Sat Jun 25 02:37:50 CEST 2005

Patrick Boettcher wrote:
> Hey Manu,
> you got it wrong, sorry I was unclear, obviously. (Is it my English?)
> I asked:
>>> What about me? I would like to do something, too. Especially in 
>>> libdvbsi.
>                                      ^^^^^^^^^
> and I meant it as an offer to help extending your approach, not to get 
> my idea back (in fact I completely dropped it and just using it for 
> private things, now).

I am extremely sorry that i misunderstood it, I had not completely 
recovered from the previous one.. I apologize to you for that 
misunderstanding of mine..

> E.g.: I assume libdvbsi will be used for scanning for channels.
> As I have some spare time at the moment I just wanted to help you to not 
> do all the work alone. That's why I ask additionally:
>>> Which tasks are open (I know you are already ahead of that what can 
>>> be found in CVS)? Can you please sync it with you local source-tree?
> and
>>> As you know I already put some thoughts into that area, too, maybe I 
>>> can be of any help ;)? (Maybe some #define's for ease up code reading 
>>> (get_bits as
>       ^^^
> I explicitly asked you for assigning me a task, nothing more, nothing 
> less. When you would say, please wait, don't do anything because at the 
> current state you cannot help in any way, I will accept, but you didn't 
> say that, did you?
> I know sometimes it's better to do things on one's own, but especially 
> the grunt work of adding table/descriptor parser-code can be shared, or 
> not?

Yes, that was the main idea .. Andrew, also was tired everyday using 

The main idea was that everyone could share..

I needed it for ca_zap, as well as some of the other developments that i 
was working upon .. Andrew required it for his day to day activities ..

There were people who jumped into certain situations, because they did 
not have a proper SI parser that fit certain specific areas. (The 
networked tuner as an example, eventhough the concept was different, 
this issue cropped up there also. I had ideas to use it on a very small 
embedded system.) There are many more things, Andrew also has quite some 
ideas.. Kenneth Aafloy also had some ideas (i don't know the status 
about his ideas..)

> E.g. ATSC tables. I have access to ATSC-signals, so I could write and 
> test ATSC-parser code in your libdvbsi in your way.

Sure Patrick, why not.. since i don't want to put the users who are 
trying to get things moving in a fix, i would prefer to keep things out 
of the main trunk ..

If Johannes would be kind so as to permit for a directory/branch to be 
created in CVS, the same way you did for the B2C2 stuff/Twinhan 
experimental/FE_REFACTORING .. I don't know what Johannes's preference 
would be, whether to have an alpha branch or something like that ..

Maybe Johannes could make the suggestion, since he had always been 
pointing to the right path, at least for me, in the events that i took 
on DVB under Linux..

Talking about ATSC i have to add support for 2 ATSC cards too in dst.. 
But i thought i will take that one a bit slow, for the commotion with 
dst, dst_ca to clear off..

> I hope I described my situation now understandable for you and hope you 
> get back to me with instructions.

If this goes forward, we can share the code in that branch or directory 
or whatever..

> -- 
> *sigh* I just read your answer again (which is not quoted below anymore) 
> and I think it was a little unfair in that context. I won't have the 
> heart to contribute to your approaches in the future, because I will be 
> afraid of you getting it wrong. Please take that shame off of me.
> a sad Patrick.

I am extremely sorry that i got you sad. It was only a misunderstanding 
right ? Please don't take it to heart .. It was many of a unified 
thought/effort that got things moving rather than a single person's effort.


Well cheers to the guys who got DVB under Linux in motion..

Trying to put the cheers back into Patrick ..


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