[linux-dvb] Air/SkyStar2 IRQ stop (partial) fix

jogi-vdr at planetzork.ping.de jogi-vdr at planetzork.ping.de
Mon Jun 27 09:28:53 CEST 2005

On Mon, Jun 27, 2005 at 08:00:39AM +0200, Peter Siering wrote:
> Hi,
> Am 22.06.2005 um 21:17 schrieb Patrick Boettcher:
> >
> >after some time of investigation the no-data problem of the flexcop- 
> >pci-driver (f.k.a skystar2-driver) is fixed (partially at least).
> >
> >I could only do tests with an old AirStar card which is not really  
> >reliable, because most of the affected cards are SkyStar2 DVB-S and  
> >I don't have easy access to DVB-S.
> >
> >Please report your results. Thank you and good luck ;).
> >
> I've tried 2.6.12 and a CVS export from 23.6. and it just works: TT  
> 1.3 with two SkyStar 2.6 (b and c revision). After 1 1/2 day uptime  
> they are still delivering interrupts. VDR (1.3.24) recordings are  
> still starting instantly without any video data stream broken  
> messages and wthout driver reload. I've never seen that before, great!

Hello Patrick,

I've tried almost the same setup (except that cvs was from 25.6.) and it
still does not work on my system. I do have a SkyStar 2.6d though. If I enable
the epg scan about half an hour later it stops generating interrupts and I have
to reload the driver to fix this issue for another half hour ...

But if I disable the epg scan the driver works fine (at least as good as the
old one). If I can help debugging just let me know. If you need access to my
system I can provide it to you ...




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