[linux-dvb] Auto repeat patch for budget-ci.c

Doug Scoular dscoular at cisco.com
Tue Jun 28 04:53:46 CEST 2005

Hi Johannes,

Johannes Stezenbach wrote:

>Doug Scoular wrote:
>>   Just one more question... does he create the patch against
>>   the latest stable linux- source or does he get
>>   the latest dvb-kernel from CVS and create the patch
>>   against some tag there (if so, what tag... er... HEAD) ?
>Preferably the patch should be against dvb-kernel CVS (no tag, i.e.
>HEAD), however as long as the patch still applies it doesn't
>matter that much what version you created it against. So if
>you happen to have an old patch lying around you can just
>send that, and if it doesn't apply we'll tell you to recreate
>it, thus you can avoid doing unnecessary work.
    Great! that makes sense... thanks.

>Please make sure the patch does not introduce trailing
>whitespace and uses proper indentation (one tab, no spaces).
    I'll try to ensure no trailing whitespace and use the following elisp:

(defun linux-c-mode ()
  "C mode with adjusted defaults for use with the Linux kernel."
  (setq c-indent-level 8)
  (setq c-brace-imaginary-offset 0)
  (setq c-brace-offset -8)
  (setq c-argdecl-indent 8)
  (setq c-label-offset -8)
  (setq c-continued-statement-offset 8)
  (setq indent-tabs-mode nil)
  (setq tab-width 8))

    As per the Linux coding style guide so the code I add has no
    actual tabs but sets of 8 spaces for "tabbing".


    As per the now famous  http://www.jwz.org/doc/tabs-vs-spaces.html.

    Is this okay ?



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