[linux-dvb] Structure

pi zico at algohotellet.se
Thu May 12 16:46:33 CEST 2005

Hello list.
I´m new to the list and thought i´d try to learn where to start with 
what i want to build.

I have a number of different workstations (mac and pc´s) along with 2 
servers, (one linux FC3 and one OSXS-10.3)
I would like to have the tv-card making it possible to watch and manage 
it from any of the boxes connected to the lan, and finally through any 
computer connected to a tv also.

Can someone tell me what dvd-card to use and hint me on what i have to 
think of for the setup?
Is it also possible to watch different channels on different computers 
at the same time?
I´m in sweden if that makes any difference in choice of dvd-card.


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