[linux-dvb] Tuning problem with Lorenzen SL DVB-T (tda10045h)

Marcel Lilienthal marcel at northernmaniacs.com
Tue May 17 10:01:46 CEST 2005


i have problems getting a lock when i want to tune with the Lorenzen SL 
DVB-T card with kernel >=2.6.10. No problems with 2.6.9!
The Lorenzen card has the old design with the tda10045h chip.

When i want to tune a specific channel of my channel.conf i get no lock.
I can wait 15 minutes or so and nothing happens. But if i tune to a 
channel of an other bouquet and get a lock for this channel then i get a 
lock for the first channel after some seconds too.

tzap -c channels.conf "Sat.1"
... NO LOCK for 15 minutes
tzap -c channels.conf "arte" (another bouquet)
... LOCK after 10 seconds
tzap -c channels.conf "Sat.1"
... LOCK after 5 seconds

i use the budget_ci module and the firmware gets loaded. can somebody 
help me?

regards, Marcel

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