[linux-dvb] keycode troubles with nova-t usb2

Peter Beutner p.beutner at gmx.net
Mon May 23 22:11:15 CEST 2005


Hagen Fritsch schrieb:
> I got the box installed and everything is working fine even the remote-control 
> with the exception, that keycodes > 255 do not find there way through to the 
> x-server, so xev does not report any event for any of those keys.
> So i took a look into the source and found in dvb-usb-remote.c:
>   d->rc_input_dev.keycodesize = sizeof(unsigned char);
> which i thought to be the source of the evil... unfortunately changing this to 
> sizeof(u16) or st. similar did not solve the problem.
> However the keycodes are received by the driver, as dvb-usb-nova-t-usb2, when 
> loaded in debug-mode, reports things like:
>   raw key code 0xbd, 0x07, 0x00 to c: 1e d: 20 toggle: 0
> and redirects the appropriate events...
> Anyone any ideas, where the keycodes disappear?
They got lost somewhere between the kernel and the x-server.
The problem is that the xserver reads raw scancodes from the console to 
get the key input events, while the remote control driver only send the 
translated keycodes to the input layer. For keycodes < 256 the kernel 
event layer automatically generates raw scancodes. You could verify that 
with 'showkey -s'. Second the XServer also could only handle 255 
different scancodes.
Im still looking for a proper solution for this :(
For the moment the best solution is still using lirc and let lircd read 
directly from /dev/input/eventX.
See http://linux.bytesex.org/v4l2/faq.html, last question.


> Regards,
> Hagen

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