[linux-dvb] Two Airstar2's with b2c2-flexcop driver - problem

Patrick Boettcher patrick.boettcher at desy.de
Fri May 27 09:43:27 CEST 2005

Hi Anssi,
hi Q-ha,

On Fri, 27 May 2005, Q-ha Park wrote:

> As far as I know, there's no way to prevent this no-interrupt problem
> at the moment. This is seen more frequently but not always when the
> frontend is unstable, like when it's raining :-)
> If it's of the same symptom, it will probably return 0x0000100. And I
> really want b2c2 guys to start looking at this problem or upgrade the
> silicon.

B2C2/BBTI told me that on windows no one ever reported such a bug. So I 
think it is definitely an linux-driver issue.

When I rewrote the skystar2-driver I copied most of the 
flexcop-programming from it. Except the IRQ/DMA handling (which I think is 
the problem somehow) and the PCI initialization (which I copied from the 
pluto2-driver). Changes in other sections of the driver happened later.

To narrow the bug I started to collect hw-information of affected users: 
There is no specific flexcop-version (FCII,FCIIb) or card-type 
(DVB-S,DVB-T,ATSC) which has the problem explicitly. Furthermore the 
chipset of the mainboard the card's running on doesn't matter as well. 
This leads me to the conclusion, that it is either a flexcop-bug in 
general (which I don't believe) or a programming issue (which I strongly 

OTOH, I'm using a CableStar card (stv0297) as first (and an USB DVB-T box 
as second) device in my softdevice'd VDR. I use it daily, sometimes 
several days without turning off. VDR is IMHO a good stressing tool for 
the problem you describe: When the card is not in use for watching a 
channel, VDR uses it for section-parsing on all frequencies all the time. 
I never had the IRQ-stop-problem so far, because of very bad reception 
quality of the AirStar PCI I can't use it here.

BBTI is very very busy these days, so I don't want to stress them too 
much. But I'll try to get more information from them about the 
IRQ/DMA-initialization and programming.

best regards,

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