[linux-dvb] DVB-C & QAM256 problem

Mikko Hamalainen mikolas at mikolas.net
Tue May 31 22:32:44 CEST 2005


I did not have similar problems with QAM128. However, some people in
Finland have tuned PWM values in the frontend driver in order to get good
reception. You can find the pwm initialization values in the end of
stv0297_init function (search for "min + max PWM"), at least in the CVS
version. I have no idea what values you should use, maybe someone using
the card in similar circumstances could help? Also, you should verify that
you have good reception as I had to add an amplifier for better signal
quality, although the Windows software worked OK. I guess the Windows
driver is dynamically finetuning PWM and such for better reception.


> Hello !
> I have try that ........... Now, I have picture and sound ....
> But an other problem ;)
> The picture and sound are very bad !!!! like you receive a bad signal
> and card could not decode perfectly (many numeric error)....
> I have do a test under Windows (with original software) and picture and
> sound are perfect...
> Have you a soluce for me ???
> Thanks a lot ! :)
> J-D.

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