[linux-dvb] DViCO Fusion Lite Symbol Rate

Jim Carlson jim at bad-neighbor.com
Sat Nov 5 03:09:33 CET 2005

I've installed a Fusion Lite ATSC card in a Mythtv box using the CVS V4L 
and DVB_Kernel sources, and all works well (Thanks for the work on 
this!). I'm getting an error (warning, I guess it is) whenever a 
recording starts about Symbol Rate setting.

The log shows this:
2005-11-03 18:59:31.839 Started recording "Everybody Hates Chris" on 
channel: 1291 on cardid: 1, sourceid 1
2005-11-03 18:59:31.846 DVB#0 Using DVB card 0, with frontend LG 
Electronics LGDT3303 VSB/QAM Frontend.
2005-11-03 18:59:31.858 DVB#0 WARNING - Symbol Rate setting (0) is out 
of range (min/max:5056941/10762000)
2005-11-03 18:59:31.920 Changing from None to RecordingOnly

Is it looking for a stream before locking onto the channel or something? 
 The show does record fine, so it seems more like a nuisance warning 
than anything. This warning doesn't show up with a HD3000 card.


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