[linux-dvb] questions about STV0229_LOCKOUTPUT

Oliver Endriss o.endriss at gmx.de
Mon Nov 7 00:15:47 CET 2005

Jeremy Hall wrote:
> Hello,
> It looks like STV0229_LOCKOUTPUT is set to on in the initialization of the 
> alps_bsru6 tuner, but when I'm changing voltage, it is set to off. 
> (state->config->lock_output == 0) and it looks like it should be 1.  Does 
> anybody have any idea how this could have gotten broken?

What type of card are you talking about?

If state->config->lock_output should be 1 it must be set in the card
driver (struct stv0299_config). The value of the inittab is meaningless,
i.e. it will be overwritten by the first stv0299_set_voltage() call...

FWICS, the SEC_VOLTAGE_OFF stuff touches more bits than it should.
Otherwise the code looks strange but seems to be ok. ;-)


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