[linux-dvb] vp1020a tuning problem

Jeff Gustafson ncjeffgus at zimage.com
Fri Nov 18 01:51:29 CET 2005

Hello all,
	I recently purchased a vp1020a card.  I've been having trouble tuning
with the card.  Searching the list I rebuilt the latest FC4 kernel with
recommended options.  I've tried various things:

	o HZ=1000
	o tried default and CVS version of dvb-kernel
	o removing the other tv cards from the system

	The card seems to tune transponders 1-5 (except 4... spot beam), but
nothing above 5.  This doesn't go high enough to test the FTA channels.
I can see the pid data for the encrypted channels.  The pid's match up
to lyngsat.com for the transponders, so I know it's tuning correctly for
1-5.  If I try any of the higher transponders I either get no tune or it
locks back on TP5.  Why 5?  I have no idea!  I plugged in a normal DVB
set top box and it tunes to all TP's just fine.  

	Has anyone had a problem with a card not tuning high enough?  Could the
card be defective?

DST type flags : 0x2 ts204 0x4 symdiv 0x10 firmware version = 2


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