[linux-dvb] [Patch] Latest CVS Error installing dst.ko

Michael Krufky mkrufky at m1k.net
Thu Nov 24 17:40:26 CET 2005

Michael Ditum wrote:

>ok it sounds like I'm seriously confused on this subject.
>I have installed with all of the dvb drivers (under Device
>Drivers -> Multimedia devices -> DVB Devices) compiled as modules.
>I want to update the drivers to enable support for the Nova-S+ card
>(which was recently put into CVS) and the fixes to CI that Andrew De
>Quincy comitted about a week ago.

You were doing the right thing when you followed the instructions in the 
wiki for the merge-trees build method.  The problem is that I have 
recently added dvb-core into the merged build, and it is causing some 
conflicts in your configuration.  You have three options:

1) Recompile your kernel from scratch, following the directions exactly, 
selecting NO DVB SUPPORT to be built -- this means, no not build them 
in-kernel, and do not build them as modules.  After doing the kernel 
build, follow the rest of the tree-merge instructions.

2) You can back out v4l-kernel cvs to the 11/22/2005 revision, before I 
added dvb-core into the merge, and after cx24123 has been added.  Then 
follow the wiki-howto procedure again.  This might cause some problems, 
however, because you have mentioned that you have run dvb-kernel's 
makelinks script, and this might have screwed up your kernel sources, 
which you will need intact for future cvs builds.

3) You can wait until I import the rest of the dvb modules into the 
merged-trees build environment.  I am away from my own computer 
currently, so I can't say that this will be ready for public use until 
tomorrow, or maybe even saturday, although, if you can wait a bit, this 
would be the best route.

.... oh, there is another option:

>(in dvb-kernel)
>./makelinks /usr/src/linux-
>(and then go into kernel dir do oldconfig, make menuconfig, make all,
>make modules_install make install, reboot
>this seemed to work but when I modprobe cx24123 it doesn't detect my
>card, and the other fixes I was expecting (CI IRQ issues) are not
If this is working right now, then you can install v4l-kernel (without 
the 'make merge-trees' command) in order for your card to be 
autodetected ... but first you will have to edit compat.h and remove the 
following lines:

#if linux_version < kernel_version(2,6,16)
#undef HAVE_CX24123

Anyhow, if you are still having problems, just hang tight... I will have 
the merged environment working again for you shortly.


Michael Krufky

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