[linux-dvb] RE: Compro DVB-T300 Remote

Andy linux-dvb at andrewsmith.plus.com
Sun Oct 2 00:31:57 CEST 2005

> Still having major issues with this... most of the buttons do nothing or 
> do
> something crazy!

Ok, ignore my previous ramblings, I've started afresh....

Updated to kernel 2.6.13 and grabbed the latest CVS. I have attached a patch 
which enables support for the remote on my T200 card. (This is the same mod 
as for the T300, so all credit goes to Nick Poulter).

Remote kepresses appear to be behaving a lot better; there is some oddness 
with the 4-way 'game-pad' button, although I think this is more due to the 
naff design of the remote rather than a software issue!

I don't have lircd running atm, but the remote is working... so am I right 
in thinking that the drivers for TV-card-based IR receivers like mine plug 
straight into the kernel I/O system, behaving essentially as a keyboard, 
making lircd redundant?

Finally, how can I modify which remote keys are translated into which 
keyboard keys (I need to reassign some buttons to work better with myth). Is 
this a job of editing the driver code, or is *this* the purpose of lircd?


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