[linux-dvb] RE: Compro DVB-T300 Remote

atkellyx atkellyx at internode.on.net
Tue Oct 4 14:23:12 CEST 2005

Hi Nick

I have the following setup
- Compro DVB-T300
- Gentoo 2.6.11
- pIII 500
- vdr 1.3.11

I have loaded the latest drivers from CSV and included your patches and have 
some results that I don't understant, perhpas you can explain?

I notice from dmesg that loading the saa7134 drivers now registers an input 
device for IR.  As soon as I do this and use the remote control I get output 
to my console as if it were a keyboard.  I do not have LIRC running at this 

Is this what you would expect?

Is there any way I can route the IR input to an input device and use LIRC 
with vdr?

Do I even need LIRC since the remote control is obviously working and 
triggering some event in Linux?

Thanks in advance


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> After much trial and error I've managed to get the remote to work.
> I don't know how to create patches etc... just yet so I've included the
> mod's I've made to the saa7134-cards.c and the saa7134-input.c files to
> get this to work.
> saa7134-cards.c
> Below the switch (dev->board) { line I added the following
>        case SAA7134_BOARD_VIDEOMATE_DVBT_300:
> saa7134-input.c
> Below the switch (dev->board) { line I added the following
>        case SAA7134_BOARD_VIDEOMATE_DVBT_300:
>                ir_codes     = videomate_tv_pvr_codes;
>                mask_keycode = 0x003F00;
>                mask_keyup = 0x040000;
>                break;
> Once I loaded the saa7134 module I was able to use evdev to see that the
> keypresses were corresponding to the correct buttons.
> I then grabbed the lirc.conf file from bytesex and created a lircrc file.
> Changed lirc to use --driver=dev/input --device=/dev/input/event1 (or what
> ever your IR points to) and then started irxevent. Ran Myth and everything
> is now working beautifully.
> I'm not sure if this is 100% because I basically used trial and error to
> get the result but it does work for me :)
> Cheers
> Nick
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