[linux-dvb] New TT USB DVB-T Stick supported...

Alain Vaslet alain at vaslet.de
Wed Oct 5 18:42:29 CEST 2005


>> Technotrend has released a new USB DVB-Stick.
>> You can find specifications here:
>> http://www.dvbshop.net/product_info.php?products_id=296
>> Since Technotrend devices have been well supported in the past, I 
>> wanted to know whereever there is a driver in linux kernels so far?
> There is no OpenSource driver for this device in dvb-kernel CVS., yet 
> (Don't know if there is any driver somewhere else or if anyone working 
> on an OpenSource driver).
> If you have any information about this device (demod and tuner) we 
> could try to add support.

I got some informations about the stick from Technotrend:

 Philips TDA8274/75

Frontend chip
 Philips TDA10046AHT


Is this sufficient?



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