[linux-dvb] Nexus-s Rev2.2 & budget_patch

mas0h xXx mas0h at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 9 00:59:33 CEST 2005

i want to be able to record more than one encrypted channel with VDR & SC 
plugin (get Full TS Stream)just for testing my original NAGRA card
i tried and did "i think" the circuit of that patch successfully on my nexus 
however, i couldn't get it to work
considering i've made the circuit correctly , what else do i have to do to 
get that budget patch to work
do i miss something, or the nexus rev2.2 needs a special modification to the 
circuit (12 connection)
as the original readme of budget_patch says that it applys to FF cards rev 
1.3 , 1.5 , 1.6 , & 2.1
i did alot of search on the internet but i can not find such info

i can record more than one FTA channel on the same transponder via vdr-xine 
plugin (software mode) and even with hardware mode ,i have managed to record 
about 3 channels on the same transponder

as i know if i
modprobe dvb-ttpci budgetpatch=1
it will automaticaly detect if my card has the budget_patch or not
is that correct ?

even tried to load the budget_patch manually by
modprobe dvb-ttpci budgetpatch=2
modprobe budget-patch

and nothing

do nexus-s rev 2.2 requires any modification to the circuit?
what i have to do to get the budget_patch to work with my Nexus-s Rev 2.2

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