[linux-dvb] Partially resolved HDTV5 lite and Twinhan DST together + dst module question

GFarris gfarris at pacbell.net
Sat Oct 15 21:14:37 CEST 2005

I finally got all modes working with both cards.  I'm surprised this works, but it does.
bttv card=0x71
It's the "card=0x71" that prevents the DST lockup, not the "i2c_hw=1" 
and it's the "i2c_hw=1" that prevents the analog from working on the lite card.
Many thanks to Michael and Manu for pointing me in the right direction.
Greg Farris

Michael Krufky <mkrufky at linuxtv.org> wrote:.

Maybe some debug info could help to resolve this... There are many 
debug options that you can experiment with - maybe setting them might 
cause a message to show up that could shed some light on the issue.


modinfo bttv
modinfo bt878
modinfo dvb-bt8xx
modinfo dst

...to find a list of module parameters. In order to call these options 
to each module, you'll have to load them separately, for instance:

modprobe bttv bttv_verbose=1 bttv_debug=1 irq_debug=1
modprobe bt878 debug=1
modbrobe dvb-bt8xx debug=1
modprobe dst debug=1

I made up those options above from memory... Use modinfo to find all the 
actual debug options available.

I must mention: I am recommending to use debug options, because *maybe* 
something will show up that can help. I don't know exactly what we're 
looking for, and that's why you'll have to experiment with different 
debug options in hopes of finding an error message that is meaningful.

Sorry I couldn't be more of a help. Maybe this will lead us somewhere...

Good Luck,
Michael Krufky

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