[linux-dvb] Kernel locking in dst

Henrik Sjoberg henke at epact.se
Tue Oct 18 18:37:14 CEST 2005

I implemented a similar solution which removed my problem. However, your
solution is a bit cleaner, calling up/down only in dst_command only
instead of around every dst_command call. I will apply your patch and use
that instead. I'll let you know when I have confirmed it working.


> Henrik Sjoberg wrote:
>>I am playing a bit with getting MythTV to talk high level CI. However, I
have come to a problem in the dst/dst_ca drivers. MythTV have different
threads running for tuning frequency and doing ca-stuff. This makes me
>> get
>>simultaneous frontend and ca calls device. However, in the dst driver
these two things both end up in i2c communiation with the card which
interfere with each other.
>>As you can understand this does not work good since there are no locking
mechanism in dst. Is this something that is to go into the driver or
something that should be done on a higher level (e.g. between all
components in an dvb-adapter)? I guess it should be taken care of by the
driver, since it is the only one that knows when locking is needed, but
>>just want to check.
> Yes, you are right. can you check whether the following helps. ?
> Regards,
> Manu

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