[linux-dvb] No luck with Hauppauge WinTV Nova-T USB2

Jonathan Stott jonathan at jstott.me.uk
Wed Oct 19 16:16:35 CEST 2005

I've been trying for three days now to work out why I can't get this 
card to work. I think there's something wrong with the hotplugging: here 
are some lines from dmesg:

usb 1-6: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 20
ehci_hcd 0000:00:02.2: port 6 high speed
ehci_hcd 0000:00:02.2: GetStatus port 6 status 001005 POWER sig=se0 PE 
usb 1-6: new device strings: Mfr=0, Product=0, SerialNumber=0
DEV: registering device: ID = '1-6'
usb 1-6: hotplug
PM: Adding info for usb:1-6
bus usb: add device 1-6
bound device '1-6' to driver 'usb'
usb 1-6: adding 1-6:1.0 (config #1, interface 0)
DEV: registering device: ID = '1-6:1.0'
usb 1-6:1.0: hotplug
PM: Adding info for usb:1-6:1.0
bus usb: add device 1-6:1.0
usb: Matched Device 1-6:1.0 with Driver dvb_usb_nova_t_usb2
dvb_usb_nova_t_usb2 1-6:1.0: usb_probe_interface
dvb_usb_nova_t_usb2 1-6:1.0: usb_probe_interface - got id
dvb-usb: found a 'Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-T usb2' in cold state, will try 
to load a firmware
CLASS: registering class device: ID = '1-6'
class_hotplug - name = 1-6
class_hotplug - hotplug() returned -19
class_hotplug - name = 1-6
CLASS: Unregistering class device. ID = '1-6'
class_hotplug - name = 1-6
device class '1-6': release.
dvb-usb: did not find the firmware file. (dvb-usb-nova-t-usb2-01.fw) 
Please see linux/Documentation/dvb/ for more details on firmware-problems.
dvb-usb: Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-T usb2 error while loading driver (-2)
dvb_usb_nova_t_usb2: probe of 1-6:1.0 failed with error -2

the firmware is in the correct place (I have done extinsive debugging to 
prove this!) The bit where the device gets unregistered before dvb-usb 
says it can't find the firmware looks suspicious.

I am using kernel 2.6.13-4. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!



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