[linux-dvb] Make errors for CVS drivers

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Thu Oct 20 00:03:03 CEST 2005

Jon Burgess wrote:
> cardboil wrote:
>> In file included from /home/mythtv/dvb-kernel/build-2.6/saa7146_i2c.c:1:
>> /home/mythtv/dvb-kernel/build-2.6/compat.h:5:18: error: bttv.h: No 
>> such file or directory
> It is because the FC4 kernel-devel package only contains a subset of the 
> header files present in the kernel source tree. The headers in 
> drivers/media/video are missing and cause this problem. You could try 
> filing a bug with the Fedora bugzilla.

Right you are!  Thanks for responding to cardboil's email so quickly... 
Otherwise I would start to feel guilty about my compat.h "magic" ... 
Even without compat.h, he would have run into the same problem by the 
time make reaches the bt8xx stuff.

> You could install the latest kernel from rawhide, this is currently at 
> 2.6.14-rc4-git6 which is reasonably close to the dvb-kernel CVS so you 
> shouldn't need to recompile the drivers.

What a great suggestion!  I'll forward this on to the other FC4 
complainers ;-)

> Alternatively, assuming that you don't need to use the particular 
> drivers that depend on these headers you could comment out all the ones 
> that you don't need in the Makefile.
> To fix the problem properly you'll need to add a couple of the header 
> files  into /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build/drivers/media/video/...
> You could get these from the kernel-`uname -r`.src.rpm file.
> BTW - there is one incompatible change which prevents the cinergyT2.c 
> file from compiling on linux-2.6.14-rc4:
>   CC [M]  /home/jburgess/dvb/dvb-kernel/build-2.6/cinergyT2.o
> /home/jburgess/dvb/dvb-kernel/build-2.6/cinergyT2.c: In function 
> ‘cinergyt2_suspend’:
> /home/jburgess/dvb/dvb-kernel/build-2.6/cinergyT2.c:909: error: invalid 
> operands to binary >
> It seems this change is the cause...

Yes... See below:

> --- linux-2.6.13/include/linux/pm.h     2005-09-28 23:49:38.000000000 +0100
> +++ linux-2.6.14-rc4/include/linux/pm.h 2005-10-13 23:28:51.000000000 +0100
> @@ -186,7 +186,9 @@
>  struct device;
> -typedef u32 __bitwise pm_message_t;
> +typedef struct pm_message {
> +       int event;
> +} pm_message_t;
>     Jon

I have posted the fix for this in my post to the linux-dvb list on 
October 10th, sibject:

[linux-dvb] [PATCH fix dvb-kernel for 2.6.14] swsusp: switch 
pm_message_t to struct

...I was waiting on Johannes to apply it.  This patch seems to be the 
difference between compatability between 2.6.13.Y and 2.6.14-rcX


Michael Krufky

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