[linux-dvb] Drivers for WinTV NOVA-S-Plus 794 (chipset CX23883)

Mike Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Tue Oct 25 16:13:02 CEST 2005

Merlet Fabien wrote:

> Hi all,
> Previous version of this Hauppauge card was using a saa7146 chipset.
> They now changed it for a Conexant CX23883.
> Does someone can help me to find the drivers for this card?
> I’ve not seen anything in the latest kernel 2.6.13 media/common 
> directory or in CVS repository …
> Fabien
The glue code for this will be handled by video4linux... You can try 
cx88 card #18 -- it might work ... But probably will not... If you would 
provide more info about the card, I would be happy to assist in adding 
support for it. First try cx88 card=18 , if that doesnt work, then 
please provide your dmesg, "lspci -vn" , and tell us every chip that you 
can see on the board, in addition any writing that you might see on the 
"tin box" ... You might have to peel off a sticker in order to get to it.


Michael Krufky

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