[linux-dvb] T200 Remote Oddities

Poulter, Nicholas NPoulter at kronos.com
Wed Oct 26 03:26:07 CEST 2005

On Tuesday 25 October 2005 00:33, Andy wrote:
> > Has anyone else had anything like this.
> Yes, my remote has always been dodgy yet haven't had the time to play
> it too much. As far as I can tell, all the keypresses lag by one
> e.g., if I press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, MENU, DOWN, the following
> actions happen: <nothing>, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, MENU.
> This behaviour is in mythtv; like I said I haven't had much time to
> with irw to see exactly what's happening, hopefully some time soon
> Please post any updates to the list, and I'm happy to test any code
> you develop!
> Good luck!
> Andy

>I don't see it that clear cut. Sometimes it will work perfectly but
then >after 
>20-30 key presses I start getting the phantom key presses - but they do
>occur when I press a button. 

>Unfortunately I won't be able to help out on the coding front I was
>wondering whether it was limited to me. 


What happens when you don't have LIRC loaded? The remote will work just
like a keyboard. What you can do is get the DVB-TOOLS package from
linuxtv.org and compile the program evdev

Then you can do the following

evdev /dev/input/event(x) where (x) is your event id of your device.
This will give you the keypress's that the remote is sending. If the
issue you are having does not occur when you do this then the problem
will be with lirc. If it does occur then it could be that something is
interfering with the remotes reception causing it not to interpret the
button releases. 

I don't seem to have any problems with my DVB-T300. Is there anything
near your remote receiver that could be causing interference at all? 

If you tail you dmesg you'll see something along the following

mythbox kernel: saa7134[0]/ir: build_key gpio=0x940f00 mask=0x0 data=0
mythbox kernel: saa7134[0]/ir: build_key gpio=0x800200 mask=0x0 data=0
mythbox kernel: saa7134[0]/ir: build_key gpio=0x940200 mask=0x0 data=0
mythbox kernel: saa7134[0]/ir: build_key gpio=0x800700 mask=0x0 data=0
mythbox kernel: saa7134[0]/ir: build_key gpio=0x940700 mask=0x0 data=0

If you could give me a capture of what's happening I'll take a look.

I don't have a T200 so it's hard to test and that was put in as the T200
and T300 are so similar. However if the issue is happening with a T300
then I'll be able to do some tests and see. But if you could give me the
captures from dmesg and from evdev that would be great.



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