[linux-dvb] [PATCH] bt878 driver update

Michael Krufky mkrufky at m1k.net
Fri Sep 2 21:00:40 CEST 2005

Edgar Toernig wrote:

>Below is a patch against the 2.6.13 dvb code to fix some
>problems I had with a Pinnacle PCTV-Sat, mainly the fifo
>overrun errors.
>I've added some error recovery that works often but is
>pretty noisy.  The best result is to simply not enable
>those status interrupts.  Due to resyncs added to the
>risc-code the dma-controller seems to always recover
>from fifo overruns.  To get all status irqs back one has
>to set bt878_debug now.
>Further, I've added a sleep function which turns off the
>IF-relay.  So now it's possible to connect another receiver
>to the IF-out connector and when the card is not used (for
>5 seconds) the external box gets the antenna.
>The new relay handling also fixes a problem when trying to
>use analog video-in and dvb at the same time.  Formerly,
>at the moment you open the video dev the relay was turn
>off and the frontend got no signal any more.  That works
>correct now - you can watch digital and analog tv at the
>same time.
>And then there are a couple of cleanups - code, comments,
>whitespaces, error checks, log levels, ...
>Comments welcome ...
>Ciao, ET.
>PS: Do I have to sends the couple of lines that touch the
>bttv driver to the bttv-maintainer or is anyone collecting
>dvb-related bttv patches and forwards them?

It would really make things easier if you could regenerate these patches 
against versions currently found in cvs. I have created tree-merging 
scripts for exactly this purpose, such as submitting patches that affect 
both dvb-kernel and video4linux cvs subtrees.

Information about the v4l / dvb tree-merging scripts can be found in the 
following email:


Please follow the instructions to merge the trees and apply your 
changes. Then, please unmerge the trees, before changing directories 
into each tree and generate your separate patches using 'cvs diff -up'.

This is merely a suggestion, and it is the way that I recommend for 
submitting hybrid patches to dvb/v4l trees, and has proven to work thus 
far. I cannot speak for Johannes... he may be fine with the way that you 
have already sent your patch. However, I haven't seen it get applied 
yet. Since nobody has responded to your patch yet, I am making this 
suggestion in an effort to make this easier for everyone.

I work in both trees, but I would rather see the dvb-portion of your 
patch applied by Johannes or Manu (or anyone else but me), as I do not 
yet consider myself to be an expert on the bt878 stuff. Once the dvb 
portion of your patch gets applied, I can see to it that the video4linux 
part gets applied as well.

Thank you for your contribution.

-MiKE Krufky

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