[linux-dvb] FIX: No recovery after lost lock

Jon Burgess jburgess at uklinux.net
Fri Sep 2 22:16:51 CEST 2005

Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
> I now need to figure out what the code in question was intended
> to do, and why it causes this problem...

I believe what the code was inteded to do is as follows:-

If the FE is incapable of doing INVERSION_AUTO and the user requests the 
auto mode then the driver will flip the inversion every now and again to 
attempt to get a lock.

When the signal does lock, this particular piece of code overwrites the 
auto mode setting with the currently active inversion setting. 
Presumably on the assumption that you can only get a lock if the current 
invserion mode is correct (and never goes back to auto mode unless asked 
to retune by the user).

Removing this code means the driver will keep trying to flip the 
inversion setting whenever it loses lock.

In principle the code looks OK to me, perhaps the problem is that for 
some reason the FE indicates a lock when the wrong inversion has been 
selected and can never recover.


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