[linux-dvb] Timer frequency with kernel 2.6.13

Martin Ereth martin.ereth at arcor.de
Sun Sep 4 13:06:46 CEST 2005

C.Y.M wrote:
> vdr at helmutauer.de wrote:
>>Hi List,
>>With kernel 2.6.13 you can select the timer frequency of the kernel ( 100 HZ, 250 or 1000 ). Is there a recommended value for a dvb system, or are there no side effects expected in that area ?
> I was wondering the same thing.  But, I believe the default was 1000Hz in older
> kernels, so thats what I set 2.6.13 to use.  The new kernels do default to 250Hz
> though if you are not watching it.


I was wondering about the same thing.

I decided to read the help about it and found, that 1000Hz is the best for Dektop 
systems, 250Hz is the best for servers. So 500Hz is the medium way combining the 
benefit of servers and Desktop.

At 1000Hz the system is able to do more things at the same time, at 250Hz the system 
has to do one thing, after that it can start up with the next.

The best choice for watching DVB-T is surely 1000Hz, because the system not only 
concentrates on holding up your frontend and X, but also the encoding and other stuff.

Hope it helps

Martin Ereth

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