[linux-dvb] FIX: No recovery after lost lock

Jon Burgess jburgess at uklinux.net
Sun Sep 4 15:47:31 CEST 2005

Andrew de Quincey wrote:
> Removing the code obviously means that it will always cycle through the 
> inversions when lock is accidentally lost. I don't understand why that is 
> necessary though - perhaps we have a bug in the frontend driver?

I reckon that the FE is indicating lock when it shouldn't be, either it 
happens at random or perhaps something like this happens because we 
don't give the FE enough time to update the lock status. Perhaps the 
"min_delay" parameter needs increasing for this FE?

It looks like most callers set min_delay_ms = 100:

[jburgess at t41 dvb]$ grep -r "\.min_delay_ms" .
./ttusb-budget/dvb-ttusb-budget.c:      .min_delay_ms = 100,
./b2c2/flexcop-fe-tuner.c:      .min_delay_ms = 100,
./ttpci/budget-av.c:    .min_delay_ms = 100,
./ttpci/budget-av.c:    .min_delay_ms = 100,
./ttpci/budget-patch.c: .min_delay_ms = 100,
./ttpci/budget-ci.c:    .min_delay_ms = 100,
./ttpci/budget-ci.c:    .min_delay_ms = 50,
./ttpci/av7110.c:       .min_delay_ms = 100,
./ttpci/av7110.c:       .min_delay_ms = 100,
./ttpci/budget.c:       .min_delay_ms = 100,

Interestingly the odd-one-out at 50ms is the philips_su1278_tt_config 
which was the one implicated by Marian in the start of this thread:

   kernel: DVB: registering new adapter (TT-Budget/WinTV-NOVA-CI PCI).
   kernel: stv0299: try to attach to TT-Budget/WinTV-NOVA-CI PCI
   kernel: stv0299: setup for tuner SU1278 (TSA5059 synth) on 
TechnoTrend hardware

Perhaps we should try increasing this to 100ms for this one too. Patch 


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